Graft is a culmination of a dream and a reality. Ashley has known since she was a little girl that she wanted to have restaurants. Her childhood summers of growing up in her grandfathers’ restaurants in Houston, Texas, allowed her to experience the joys and trials of being in the restaurant industry. So, when she and Seth got married, he knew what he was getting into! After a couple of years of scoping out several locations in Athens and Decatur, the opportunity presented itself to come back to Gwinnett….to Grayson.
Ashley grew up in Lilburn and immediately recognized the need and desire of locals to have a quality, community restaurant with outstanding, creative, seasonal foods and unique wines, house made cocktails and craft beers. Seth and Ashley started the demolition work on graft in November 2011 and began unfolding the beauty of the early 1900s home of John J. and Effie B. Cofer.


The more that they uncovered, the more they realized the potential for the space. They reclaimed all of the old wood that they took out in demolition to build out the new bar, banquet area, tables, bathrooms and trim work found throughout graft. Ashley’s father and brothers (Thad Gilliam, owner of GW Design Engineering, Thaddeus Gilliam, owner of Veritas Planning, Bradford Gilliam, and Chad Mozley, teacher at Grayson High) were very instrumental in the renovation process. They have created an amazing, European rustic space that “grafts” a community together offering truly seasonal foods, wines and wonderful friends.

Thank you in advance for your excitement and passion towards an amazing, local restaurant with an awesome staff, ambiance, food and drinks where you truly will feel at home in our cozy environment. It is our pleasure to serve you soon!