Soup: Changes weekly

Deviled beet farm eggs: selection of house pickles, jalapeno jam (3 per order). 6

Fried calamari, tangy slaw, nuoc cham sauce. 11

Pan seared Plantation quail, house mole, cabbage salad. 12

Thomasville Tomme, prosciutto, Pearson peaches, toasted walnuts, balsamic reduction, arugula. 12

Brined salmon in honey + peppercorn bruschetta w/ toasted pecans. 10

*Chorizo tacos, tangy cabbage slaw, cilantro crema, cilantro, jalapenos, flour tortillas. 10

*Chicken Quesadilla: roasted chicken, cabbage, pickled red onion, mozzarella, jalapeños, cilantro crema. 11


Cheese Board: selection of local cheeses, graft pimento, graft ricotta, house accompaniments, toasted nuts, bread. 22

*Hog n’ Pickles Board: charcuterie selection, house pork belly, graft bacon jam, mustardo, pickles, bread. 22

Farm Board: chef’s selection. **patience required for pairings. 22


 Salad: local lettuces, local seasonal fruit, shallots, house ricotta, granola w/ almonds.   11

Salad: local kale mix, lemon olive oil, cranberries, red pepper, house croutons, shaved parmesan. 10

Salad: romaine wedge, cherry tomatoes, red onion, egg, blue cheese, chopped belly, green goddess. 12

ADD TO ANY SALAD: Chicken(4) Farm Egg(2) Inquire of daily fish (mkt)

BETWEEN BREAD: w/ twice cooked fries

*graft burger, Verner Farms grass fed beef, house pimento cheese, pickled jalapenos. 13

Turkey burger, free range turkey, mozzarella cheese, sriracha aioli, lettuce.   12

Beer braised bratwurst, spicy mustard chow chow. 10

Lobster roll: warmed in butter w/ tarragon + thyme on toasted butter bun, romaine, tangy slaw. 23


*Sea: seasonal fresh catch, ask server for details. Market.

*Hog: Slow smoked hog, local swiss chard + radish, grilled spring onion, garlic mashed potatoes. 19

*Beef: Grilled hangar steak, apple salsa, sautéed greens + green beans + mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes.   20

*Chicken: Oven roasted chicken w/ charred rosemary vinaigrette, sautéed vegetables, roasted potatoes.   18

*Ramen: spring onions, mushrooms, carrot, cabbage, green beans, bok choy, poached farm egg, chicken stock, seaweed.   15

Add roasted chicken 4 | house chorizo 4 | fish 6

Vegetarian: Summer vegetable savory tart, baked farm egg, local lettuces. 16

Add chicken, chorizo, fish

Pasta: fettucine w/ spring onion walnut pesto, eggplant, spinach, parmesan. 18

Add roasted chicken 4 | fish 6