House cured salmon in cranberry on house cracked wheat toast, herbed cream cheese w/ shallots + tarragon. 12

Deviled farm eggs: selection of house pickles per egg, jalapeno jam (3 per order). 6

Fried calamari, tangy slaw, Asian cilantro sauce, tropical pico de gallo. 11

Beer cheese dip: coffee beer whole wheat bread, apples, radishes. 9

Pan fried loaded potato croquettes, pimento cheese, Himalayan sea salt (3 per order). 6

*Chorizo tacos, tangy cabbage slaw, cilantro crema, cilantro, jalapenos, flour tortillas. 10

*Quesadilla, roasted chicken, leafy greens, mushrooms, grilled onions, mozzarella. (side of roasted olives &/or sour cream upon request) 11


Cheese Board: selection of local cheeses, graft pimento, house accompaniments, bread, toasted nuts. 22

*Hog n’ Pickles Board: charcuterie selection, house pork belly, graft bacon jam, crostini, mustardo, pickles. 22

Farm Board: chef’s selection. **patience required for pairings. 22


 Spinach: roasted beets, orange, red onion, ricotta, brown butter vinaigrette. 10

Local kale salad: parmesan, red pepper flakes, olive oil, sea salt, lemon, apple, radish. 10

Classic Caesar: pickled red onions, golden turnips in lemon, butter croutons.   10

ADD TO ANY SALAD: Chicken(4) Farm Egg(2) Inquire of daily fish (mkt)


*Sea: seasonal fresh catch, ask server for details. Mrkt.

*Hog: braised osso bucco in red wine sauce w/ carrots, sautéed Siberian kale + baby collards + broccoli greens w/ onion, garlic mashed potatoes. 21

*Beef: grilled grassfed ribeye w/ apple vinaigrette, quick sautéed green beans + mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes. 24

*Springer Mtn Chicken: curried red coconut sauce, jasmine rice, sautéed carrots + cabbages in turmeric, crushed peanuts. 18

Vegetarian: “pop tart” of roasted acorn squash, sweet potato, red potato, carrot, apple, Siberian kale, mixed lettuce salad w/ grapes, toasted seeds in spiced vinaigrette 18

Pasta: house orecchiette, local grilled kale pesto, fingerling sweet potato w/ green onion, kale. 16

*Ramen: Egg noodle ramen in a beef and chicken stock with soy sauce and sesame oil with scallions, mushrooms, carrots , and a sunny side up egg. 12 add chicken. 14

BETWEEN BREAD : comes w/ twice cooked fries

*graft burger, Verner Farms grass fed beef, house pimento cheese, pickled jalapenos. 13

Turkey Burger, free range turkey, swiss cheese, sriracha aioli, lettuce.   12

Lamb Gyro, braised Darby lamb, cucumber tzatziki, simple salad, warmed wheat pita. 12