Our menu changes frequently! Below is a small taste of what you might find.


Soup:  house made daily. 6

Board of snacks:  pimento cheese, deviled farm eggs, house pickles, jalapeno jam, Mediterranean hummus, pork belly jam, apples, toasted bread.  14

Ricotta, salted baby French breakfast radishes, house mustard, house bread. 10

Creamed foraged mushrooms on crostini. 12

Salad: Spinach: roasted beets, orange, red onion, ricotta, brown butter vinaigrette. 10

Salad: romaine, ricotta, radishes, roasted grapes, simple vinaigrette. 10




Egg Salad: made to order farm egg salad, house slaw, house pickled cucumbers, local lettuces, multi grain bread. 8

B.E.L.T: house bacon jam, fried farm egg, lettuce, tomato, sourdough. 10

Pimento Grilled Cheese: house pimento cheese, American cheese, caramelized onions, sourdough. 8

Chicken Salad w/ Grapes: whole wheat bagel, apple, mixed greens. 10

Chorizo Tacos: 2 flour tacos filled with house-made chorizo, tangy slaw, fresh jalapeños, cilantro, cilantro crema. 8

*Chicken Quesadilla: roasted chicken, cabbage, pickled red onion, mozzarella, jalapeños, cilantro crema. 10

*Italian Melt: ham, salami, olive medley, mustardo, swiss, sourdough. 10



*Turkey: swiss cheese + greens + sriracha aioli, served on a toasted wheat bun. 12

*Burger: Verner Farms grass-fed ground beef, pickled jalapeños, house pimento cheese, whole wheat bun. 13